The Slice is a blog created and written by young and aspiring writers. It is a place for discussion of film, television, industry and everything in between.

Our aim is to give writers a place to express themselves while also helping improving their portfolio. We are non-profit, run on a volunteer basis, so are unable to pay writers, so please keep that in mind when pitching.

You can pitch to us at: theslicemedia@outlook.com

When you are pitching to us please ensure it outlines what you’re planning on writing for us, with an idea of title too (this can be changed later!) You must also state a date that you’d submit the piece by.

When submitting your work ensure pieces are at least 600 words and must not exceed 1,700 words unless approved by an editor. We do not implement a very strict style guide but please ensure all titles (i.e: films, television shows) are italicised; on first mention of a character state who portrays them in brackets.

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